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We have highly qualified faculty members, advanced research facilities and online library services containing large collection of books, articles and journals. Using innovative and interactive techniques, we make pharmacy education exciting for the students. Founded in 2004, we have been educating students in pharmacy for more than 17 years. Our research covers pharmaceutical and pharmacological clinical science ranging from the testing of drugs and different plant extracts showing various pharmacological responses, and testing and mechanism of drugs, studies on advanced drug delivery to the clinical and sociological aspects of pharmacy and health services research.

Our research is closely aligned with the activities of the faculty, and we contribute to the following major research areas:



In vitro and in vivo drug-drug interactions

Evaluation and analysis of specific dosage form

Diabetes and cardiovascular disease

Antibacterial Resistance

Other research areas

Our researchers in health services and patient safety have a strong commitment to research that facilitates the quality use of medicines, medicines safety, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of health interventions.

Our research takes a system-wide view to ensure that research and innovation is able to improve health outcomes for consumers and improve the safety and effectiveness of the health system.


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