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Stamford Pharmacy Alumni Association (SPAA) is an association of Pharmacy graduates (Pharmacists) of Stamford University Bangladesh. It was established in July 24, 2009. At present, there are more than 500 registered members of this organization. The Stamford University Bangladesh -Pharmacy Alumni community stretches across the globe, advancing knowledge, building industry, and driving progress in countries around the world. We are proud to have this great diverse professional network of pharmacist graduated from the Stamford University Bangladesh. Alumni from the department of pharmacy, are now serving all over the world as registered pharmacist, scientist, academicians, and in almost every health care sectors. As of 2021, we have approximately 500 pharmacy graduates chasing their dream in developed and developing countries. In Bangladesh, our pharmacy alumni have shown their success in pharmaceutical industries, hospitals, healthcare regulations, and as a health sector entrepreneurs. We have 150 plus pharmacy alumni working as senior managerial and operational positions in leading pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh. Our talented graduate students (approximately 250) have achieved highly competitive international scholarships and pursuing their higher study (MSc, Mphil and PhD) in top ranked universities in the world. Among this, we already have more than 12 PhD holders, working as scientist, academicians in Australia, Canada, European countries, United Kingdom, United states of America and other developing countries. We believe by the end of year 2025, this number will rise to 100. This is an extraordinary achievement by only 13 years old Stamford University Bangladesh -Pharmacy Alumni network. Our alumni continuously working to build a strong structure and offers the opportunity to expand the professional network all over world.


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